Be led by possibility, embrace the risks and believe firmly in what can go right.

I watch so many peers, friends, and family take safe routes - surrendering their passion out of a fear of what may go wrong.

During high school when I spoke to people about my aspirations, they rarely talked about how great it would be when everything worked out. Teachers would always stress the possibility of failure, but never ever try to inspire me to believe that my hopes could materialize. In the circumstance that I was in, so much could have gone wrong with making the move to London. But you know what? I never really thought about what could go wrong. I was captivated by the possibility of things working out.

And if things happen to fail, I will always hold on to the knowledge gained. Nothing is certain. Life’s not certain. If you want to travel the world, or if you want to start a company, do it. As cliché as it sounds, tomorrow is promised to no one. I created disposable lives because I don’t want to look back on my life one day and realize that an intangible fear of what could go wrong kept me from following my passions. Fuck what’ll go wrong; keep your mind set on the fulfilment of your vision. Become enthralled with how rewarding it’ll be. Make the conscious decision to sculpt a worthwhile reality. Follow your heart, trust your vision, and never stop learning.

We’re all so unique. Every being entrusted with a purpose. Remain faithful to that urge inside of you to cultivate your skill, craft, artistry, talent– it’s there for a reason. For the well being of this world and your limitless soul, liberate the potential at your fingertips.

We are here for a reason.
We are not disposable.